Selected Work

THE NEW YORK TIMES: " 'Medicare for All' Isn't Sounding So Crazy Anymore"

Single payer has gone mainstream, but it's still more of a slogan than a plan. (July 2017)

ESQUIRE: "Hunting Child Predators with Canada's Freelance Vigilantes"

Is it possible to be an ethical avenger? (April 2017)

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: β€œDrama at an Elite High School

How a wealthy town tried to bury allegations of sexual abuse. (Sept 2016)

FOREIGN POLICY: "The Thrill of the Hunt"

China's obsession with wild American ginseng has fueled a digging frenzy in the hills of Appalachia. (March 2016)


The internet has given us a new public square. Now law enforcement is trying to harness its power. (March 2016)

THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Can the Sanders Movement Go Local?"

How Bernie supporters could actually start a political revolution (March 2016)

THE NEW REPUBLIC: "The New Normal"

What gay marriage means for the future of parenthood (June 2015)


Why the rise of minority voters won't save the Democratic Party (June 2015)

MSNBC: "Jails are signing up inmates for Obamacare"

First they get their mugshots. Then they sign up for health insurance. (March 2015)

MSNBC: "The American Dream, undocumented"

How banks are enabling immigrants without legal status to become homeowners (August 2014)

MSNBC: "How the Obamacare wars hurt the mentally ill"

In states that have refused to expand Medicaid, mental health services are on the chopping block. (March 2014)

MSNBC: "The foreclosure nightmare isn't over yet"

Years after the financial crisis, homeowners are still reelingβ€”& the government's prolonging the pain. (March 2014)

MSNBC: "Austerity deals harsh blow to already stricken land"

How Washington gridlock is squeezing an Appalachian coal town (Nov. 2013)

THE WASHINGTON POST: "Occupy the regulatory system!"

How Occupy Wall Street is leaping into the Byzantine world of government bureaucracy. (April 2012)